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2011 - Currently

A.I.C is currently building “Sunset”, a residential building and hotel in Uji I Ftohte, Vlore.

This complex has 8 apartment blocks designed from 2 and up to 4 floor plan models. It is projected as a low density and low rise community.  A number of 150 luxury apartments are under construction on 11,000m² of construction area.


A.I.C invested and built 3 residential buildings in Caslano, Switzerland on a 6000m² construction plot.  A residence composed of 4 floors off the ground buildings, arranged with private gardening area and underground parking. 


In 2010 ended the project in Municipality of Dajt, Tirana. This residential and services building was build on 17,000m². The concept was of a multifunctional residence, a combination of living apartments, office space, shops, bars and restaurants for the convenience of everyday’s life.    


Residential and services building with underground parking, was build on 22,000 m² on Ndre Mjeda street in Tirana. Under a highly strict supervision of engineers and architects, the project ended in 2008 as it was projected. The project was evaluated as a high quality standard construction development.


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