About Us

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Albania Investment Construction is a limited liability company that operates from more than 8 years in the construction field. We have successfully completed our projects, certified and registered more than 50,000m² of constructed buildings.

Meanwhile, A.I.C is developing a residential facility and hotel in the area of Uji I Ftohte in Vlora, an investment of around 10 million Euros. A.I.C is involved with local and international investments within the construction area. We have a large portfolio of works listed. Internationally we have collaborated with SHEHU Architects SAGL, a well known studio in the field with long years of experience; we invested, constructed and finalized residential buildings in Caslano, Switzerland.

A.I.C has also collaborated with King Sturge for feasibility studies of properties under development. Just recently we have signed a contract with Jones Lang LaSalle, an internationally well known company specialized in hotels and real estate, and we are in the process of studying the property for our upcoming investment project.

During our years of operation, we have coordinated with efficiency our activity on investing, undertaking projects and collaborated with well known architectural studios, engineers, specialized geotechnical offices in order to offer high quality products with optimal cost.

Our mission is to develop services and raise to a higher level the standards of our projects while keeping a balanced relationship between efficiency and quality. We have a long term commitment and we are determined to offer a high quality service as it’s our only valuable asset.

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